who invented the first automobile

When you ask yourself, “Who invented the first automobile?” the answer may come as a jolt, as most people immediately think back to a time when cars were fairly primitive vehicles. Before the age of the internal combustion engine, people relied on their horses or asses to get around, and to get from point A

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Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson Debuts New Guitar & Releases Two Singles

Alex Lifeson, a legendary force in rock music for over five decades, is releasing two new singles entitled “Kabul Blues” and “Spy House” alongside the debut of his Alex Lifeson Les Paul Standard Axcess guitar. He designed the guitar with Epiphone in Nashville. His first release in almost a decade, these instrumental singles feature bass

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8 Job Security Tips That Every Freelancer Should Know

money onlinePixabay Working online is a dream for people of all ages across the globe. Remote work adds an extra sense of freedom to someone’s employment, whether you are a student looking for a flexible income or a nomad not wanting an anchor. Many scammers recognize how enticing these online opportunities are and take advantage

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